Fast loading EntrecarD

Do you have a Fast loading entrecard blog?

If your believe you have a fast loading blog .Join us and be part of our Certified Fast Entrecard blog members.

In order to listed in the "Certified Fast Entrecard",your blog should load under 10 seconds (ADSL connection).

Due to the fact that people have wildly different internet connection speeds we really can’t just talk about "how many seconds".

We're now consider in bits and bytes as well.

In most cases,200k is the idea page size,but for "Certified Fast Entrecard" we are demanding a blog with the page size below 100k.

Our Requirement:
  • Total loading time :10 seconds/below
  • Page siez:100k/below

How to determine your blog loading speed and siez.
Step 1.

Test your blog speed using the tool below. (copy and paste your blog address)

Step 2 .
Check out the result

Test result:

Step 3.

Summit your blog to

with following detail:-

  • Your blog url:
  • Your blog title:
  • Your blog description:
  • Your Blog loading time test result url:

If you
are still using dial-up modem connections (at 56Kb/second connection speed)or your local broadband s*ck .Your blog might take 30 seconds to load instead of 3 seconds(broadband connection).In this case you can summit your blog if your page size below 100k.

*Your links from this site are listed in a first-come-first-served order.I will place your link after i gather enough entrecard.(take time)

*The selection of entrecard are base on varies factors.There's no guranntee that you entrecard will display after you summit your entrecard.

If your believe you have a fast loading and great blog . try it...

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